Silicone gel on bond wires

In the semiconductor industry integrated circuits (ICs) are connected by wire bonding to the external electrical connections of the component. Shear stresses occur in the welding points during the subsequent process steps and later during the operation of the component.
These stresses are minimized by applying special silicone gels at the appropriate points thus avoiding premature component failure.

The application of these materials by means of contact dosing methods in combination with extremely low dosing quantities is critical with regard to

  • Contact of the bonding wires (damage of the welding point)
  • Breakage of the bond wires when the needle moves away in Z (surface tension)
  • Height tolerances in the component (tracking of the needle height by laser measurement necessary, but difficult, because bond wire exit parallel to the measuring axis).

The PDos X1 dosing system applies the partly very highly viscous materials completely contact-free. The strength of the drop impact on the component can be varied by the operating parameters within a material-dependent window.