Impregnating of rotor bandage in the production of electric motors

Rotor assemblies of electric motors are provided with a synthetic fibre bandage, unless a cage-like construction has been selected. Glass fibre filament is wound over the glued magnets. Afterwards, the wound bandage is impregnated with heat curing epoxies or UV-curing adhesives.
The adhesive is applied while rotating the rotor assembly, whereby the outer shell is often not a perfect cylindric shell.

The contactless dosing with the perfecdos PDos X1 jet dispensing valve offers decisive advantages here.

  • The z-movement of the dosing needle to the rotating component surface can be completely eliminated.
  • Closed drops are dosed and there is no atomization process. Surrounding machine areas remain completely clean.
  • A very fast adhesive application is possible. Dosing of drops within less than 2ms. Up to 300 drops per second.