• Completely new designed, innovative actuator.
  • Patented actuator technology ensures finest, high-precision dosing results.
  • Large working range 0.5 to 500,000 mPas.
  • 300 Hz continuous operation.
  • Scale head for high-precision, reproducible dosing results.
  • Fluid path completely separated from the actuator.
  • Metal-free fluid path possible.
  • Optimized accessibility and direct view to the nozzle.
  • Proven normally closed (NC) principle.
  • Article Number: 61000

The PDos X1 from perfecdos is an innovative, pneumatically driven jet dosing valve (jet valve), which is the result of years of experience in automated micro dosing.

The patented actuator technology increases the spontaneity of the tappet drive system during closing phase. The motion characteristics of the tappet are accelerated in such a way that shorter overall opening times are achieved and higher forces can be generated. This produces very fine, precise and repeatable dispensing results.
The PDos X1’s performance in terms of dynamic single-drop dispensing is thus on a par with piezo-electric driven systems.

The dosing frequency can be 300 Hz in continuous operation – without restrictions.

The adjusting screw with scale on the head limits the stroke of the tappet movement and thus the tappet speed. If necessary, a readjustment can be carried out – very precisely – in order to influence batch variations in the dosing material for example. The scale division is optimized for this purpose and the reference marking is positioned so that it is clearly visible regardless of the valves mounting position.

The fluid contacting components can be aligned in 90° steps independently of the actuator. In its standard configuration, the nozzle area to the outer housing contour is accessible from 3 sides, at a distance of 10mm, allowing an integration even in constrained spaces.

The fluid body (fluidic) and heating element are designed in such a way that the substrate with the nozzle is exceptionally easily accessible, provides good visibility for the operator and at the same time allows optimum heat transfer deep into the nozzle area.
The heating element is designed as an independent, separate module.
During maintenance, the heater does not come into contact with the dosing fluid or cleaning solvents.

The wrench sizes of all relevant screw connections are uniform.

The PDos X1 offers the customer a wide range of permanently available nozzles and tappets with optimized geometries for a wide variety of applications.


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