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Dispensing Test - Customer Requirements

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1. What kind of material do you want to dispense? *

(e.g. grease, glue, etc.)

2. Who manufactures the material?
3. How many components does the material have? *
4. How should the material be stored?
5. What viscosity does the material have?
6. Are fillers contained in the material? *
7. Is the material thixotropic?
8. Is abrasiveness to be expected?
9. What is the curing mechanism of the material?
10. With which other substances is a reaction caused?
11. Does the material contain solvents?
12. What is a suitable cleaning agent?
1. Describe your dispensing application: *
2. Are you currently using a dispensing system? If so, what would you like to improve?
3. Which dispensing procedure is aimed at?
4. What does the desired dispensing pattern look like?
5. What are the specific details of the desired dispensing pattern?
6. What distance from the valve to the component is possible?
7. How is the dispensing carried out?
8. What is the required cycle time?
9. What dispensing accuracy do you need?
10. How many dispensing systems do you need?
11. Do you have special requirements for your application?
12. Describe your component shape:
13. Dosing diagram drawing: (or attach a drawing of the desired dosing picture to the form).
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