perfecdos GmbH

develops, manufactures and sells high-performance microdosing systems which are used in the industry for applications, filling and dosing of liquids according to requirements and processes.

The cornerstone of the company is the “PDos X” product series – an electropneumatically driven jet valve which has a very harmonious, precise and, above all, fast switching characteristic thanks to a special aeration and deaeration process. This enables the dosing of low to high viscosity liquids even in the low nanolitre range.


perfecdos specialises in solutions for individual and highly demanding dosing tasks.

The special strengths of perfecdos lie in its ability to solve even the most demanding dosing tasks, in which market-accompanying dosing systems come up with a multitude of system components, in a simple and user-friendly manner.

The product portfolio is constantly being further developed to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry. Perfecdos is always one step ahead of the advancing miniaturization. In addition we focus on targeted service. We offer knowledge transfer as an independent service as well as on-site specialist training for your employees.

Practical examples

  • Lubrication of small gears in the automotive sector
  • Greasing of large parts Drive train Commercial vehicles
  • Flux application (heat exchanger, water cooler, charge air cooler)
  • Magnet bonding with anaerobic adhesives
  • Silicone gel on bond wires
  • Underfill
  • Impregnating of rotor bandage in the production of electric motors
  • Encapsulation of electronic components
  • Dispensing of SMD Adhesive Glue