Dispensing valuable material efficiently

⇒ Dispensing TIM: Eccentric screw pump vs. jet valve

The TIM (Thermal Interface Materials) often used today for the heat dissipation of electronic components are valuable. This is not the only reason why they need to be optimally dispensed. Their contactless application with a jet valve from perfecdos offers "valuable" advantages compared to contact application with a progressive cavity pump.

Today, TIM is available in many variants. TIM pastes often differ in their material composition. They are highly filled with a wide variety of metals and precious metals. However, these materials, which are then abrasive, place high demands on the dispensing process: Since they are expensive, they must be dispensed precisely and without losses if possible. After application, the fillers must be evenly distributed in the heat-conducting layer so that the heat is safely dissipated and

the heat conduction pastes must be applied without bubbles, as air dissipates virtually no heat.

The precise contactless dispensing of TIM with the PDos X1 jet valve is a concept that pays off, because high-precision contactless dispensing applies TIM only where heat is to be dissipated. "In combination with easy cleaning and the avoidance of - in several respects - cost-intensive dead spaces, this quickly saves more than €1,000 per shift (depending on the material price)," classifies Benjamin Kratz, the savings potential that can be achieved with these materials. Under total cost of ownership considerations, 300 cycles/s, which enable faster production with minimised waste, a simpler machine design and process monitoring add to this calculation.

Every gram counts in this order of silver-containing TIM - in terms of cost and function