Magnets Bonding

When joining permanent magnets within DC electric motors conventional joints are increasingly being replaced by modern adhesive joints.
The decisive advantages are:
– Stress balancing effect of the adhesive (temperature expansion of different metals)
– Advantages in automation (quick fixing with tolerance compensation, avoidance of damage)

Curved magnets, so-called segment magnets are used to further reduce the air gap between stator and rotor and thus increase the efficiency of the electric machine. Depending on the necessary handling and process sequence, however, a height tracking of the dosing needle is indispensable with the contacting dosing method during adhesive application.
In addition the adhesives used often react sensitively to contact with metallic surfaces. In the area of the dosing needle this leads to local curing phenomena which lead to inconsistencies in the application quantity and/or application pattern.

perfedos GmbH offers the optimum solution for such processes with its PDos X1 jet metering valve.
Due to the non-contact dosing process
– If the nozzle does not come into contact with the component surface. Curing reactions are effectively avoided.
– The tracking of the needle distance can be omitted. This enables simple implementation of the process and saves process time.
– This enables a lightning-fast application of adhesive. Dosing of drops within less than 2ms. Up to 300 drops per second.
The dosing quantities that can be sensibly presented in this way range from a few nanoliters to the high µL range.