Flux application (heat exchanger, water cooler, charge air cooler)

During the manufacturing process of aluminium heat exchangers of any kind surfaces are pretreated with fluxes.
Since a rather large area wetting is aimed at, conventional “spraying” is often used as an application method.
During operation, unavoidable “overspray” leads to considerable process costs in the form of cleaning costs (system components, masking stencils, component carriers, etc.).

With the PDos X1 jet dosing system from perfecdos, the flux is still applied contact-free, but specifically in the form of individual, closed droplets. Overspray is completely avoided – time-consuming cleaning processes are no longer necessary.

At the same time, the advantages of the non-contact application method are retained, so that jumps in surface height and component tolerances play a subordinate role.
Radii in the area of inlet nozzles can also be wetted by a clever adjustment of kinetic drop energy and dosing path.