Lubrication of small gearboxes in the automotive sector

When lubricating small gearbox parts in the automotive sector, e.g.:

  • exterior mirror adjustment,
  • headlamps levelling,
  • speedometer gearboxes,

special requirements arise with regard to repeatability, positioning accuracy and dosing speed.

The PDos X1 from perfecdos is an excellent solution for these applications.

The possibility of controlling the valve directly from the system control results in a high degree of flexibility with regard to the variety of variants of the produced assemblies.

The PDos X1 doses greases from a large distance of up to 50mm (depending on the grease type) to the desired location, independent of the current alignment of e.g. gears, levers, etc.

The fluid connection is designed as a G1/8 internal thread and fits to common grease supply systems without special adaptation.

The grease supply of the dosing valves is often carried out from a central system supply.  The perfecdos metering valves are mechanically designed as normally closed (NC) systems so that leakage is reliably prevented if the supply media fails.




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