Greasing of large parts of drive train for commercial vehicles

Spray lances are often used for the lubrication of components in the drive train of commercial vehicles in order to achieve the largest possible area of application.
Due to the sometimes considerable temperature dependency of the greases used, there is a large variation in the quantity of grease applied, so that the functional reliability of the parts produced is only guaranteed if an unnecessarily large quantity is applied – in accordance with the process. With the PDos X1, excellent dosing results are also achieved in applications with dosing quantities beyond micro-dosing.

Instead of the large-area application by spraying an extremely repeatable dot matrix is applied which is distributed into a homogeneous closed grease layer when joined with the partner component.

The process time for dosing is similarly fast to spraying. This is made possible by high dosing frequencies (up to 300 drops per second) and specially optimized nozzles which generate a relatively large single drop volume.

The high dosing constancy is achieved by very precise and short switching times.

In this example the savings in terms of the amount of grease applied – now as required – amounts to 30%!

The dosing valves of perfecdos are mechanically designed as “normally closed” systems (NC) so that a leakage (grease supply with 100 bar) is reliably prevented in case of failure of the supply media.
The system supply is taken out. The perfecdos metering valves are mechanically designed as normally closed (NC) systems so that leakage is reliably prevented if the supply media fails.

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